Postgraduate Degree Course [MD (AYU)] [VACHASPATHI]-2012/2015

Postgraduate Degree Course [MD (AYU)] [VACHASPATHI]-2012/2015

Postgraduate Degree: Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda [M.D. (Ayu)]

Rules and Regulations

1. Background to the MD (Ayu) programme The MD (AYU); 2012-2015, post graduate course is the newly organized post graduate degree programme conducted by the Division of the Post Graduate Studies of Institute of Indigenous Medicine, for those who wish to specialize in the field of Ayurveda. This is the first research and clinical oriented post graduate program in Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. The course has been designed to meet the current needs of the Ayurvedic field and its development through advance teaching and learning methods. The Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC) will regulate the program with the approval of the Director, Board of Management and the senate of the University of Colombo.

2. Aim The aim of the MD (Ayu) postgraduate course shall be the orientation in specialties and to produce specialists who will be efficient teachers, clinicians, pharmaceutical experts, scholars and research workers in the respective fields of Ayurveda / Traditional Medicine.

3. Specialties
Following shall be the specialties of study in respective disciplines in Ayurveda.

  • Samhithas
  • Ayurveda siddhantha and Darshana
  • Sharira Vignana
  • Swastha vritta & yoga
  • Dravyaguna Vingnana
  • Rasa Shastra
  • Bhaishajyakalpana
  • Kayachikitsa (General)
  • Kayachikitsa (Panchakarma)
  • Kayachikitsa (Rasayana & Vajikarana)
  • Kayachikitsa (Vikrithivijnana)
  • Kayachikitsa (Manas roga)
  • Agada
  • Prasuthitantra and sthreeroga
  • Kaumarabrithya
  • Shalyatantra
  • Shalakyatantra

4. Entry criteria

    1. BAMS degree in Ayurveda medicine with first class/Second class (upper) from a recognized University


    1. DAMS in Ayurveda medicine with First class/Second class (upper) or a Second class from a recognized University


    1. BAMS / DAMS/ ordinary pass with any other Ayurveda postgraduate qualification from a recognized University


  1. BAMS / DAMS/ ordinary pass with 04 years experience as an Ayurvedic medical practitioner

5. Application procedure
a). The Deputy Registrar of the Institute shall, by notice through the press or the media, call for applications from suitable candidates.
b). A person seeking admission to the programme shall make an application obtained from the administration office on paying non refundable application fee to the Institute furnishing his qualifications and other information requested for undertaking the programme. Application form duly filled should be sent to the Deputy Registrar/ Institute of Indigenous Medicine under registered cover.
c). The Candidate will have to indicate three specialty fields of his choice in the application form.
d). Applications received shall be forwarded by the registrar to the Research and Higher Degrees Committee for further processing

6. Intake
The number of annual intake should be decided by the Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC) of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, university of Colombo.

7. Duration and medium of training
Duration: 03 years (Full time)
There will be full time course work in first year and next 2 years consist of Clinical/research work.
Medium of instruction: English

8. Registration procedure for the course

  • Candidates who have been proclaimed as successful by the selection committee and on payment of the prescribed fees shall be formally and duly registered by the Institute to the programme.
  • The Deputy Registrar shall officially notify the list of names of the registered candidates to the Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC).
  • Such registration shall be valid for the specified period from the date of registration
  • The candidate shall ensure that his registration remains in force throughout the course as indicated in this set of regulations.
  • The candidate is required to register in two occasions during the course. First registration shall be done on admission to the course for the first year. Second registration shall be done on admission to the course for the first year. Second registration shall be done as and when the student is enrolled to the 2nd year after being declared as successful at the first year end examination.
  • The registration shall be deemed to have lapsed when validity period end or due to reasons given in course document etc. A student whose registration has so lapsed may renew his registration with the permission of the Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC) for a further period by paying the prescribed fees, provided that he is still eligible to be registered for the course.
  • The Institute shall not refund tuition or any other fees paid on any ground whatsoever.
  • If the number of candidates registered for the course in a given year is not financially viable for the programme, the Institute reserves the right not to conduct the course subject to the Institute repaying any fees already received.

9. Selection procedure for the specialty
On being registered to the Course, the candidate will be selected for the specialty on which pursues his work by the Higher Degrees committee on following basis:

  • Candidate’s preference
  • Candidate’s performance at the graduate level studies
  • Requirements or requests of Institute and department of Ayurveda
  • Availability of place, supervisors, facilities, etc.

If candidate do not wish to pursue on the selected specialty, he may appeal to the Research and Higher Degrees (RHDC) committee for alteration specialty and the decision of the RHDC is the final.

10. Assessment and Examination procedure

The course of M.D (Ayurveda) will consist of the following Examinations.

  • PART I – First Examination
  • PART II – Final Examination

The Research and Higher Degrees Committee (RHDC) shall reserve the right to determine the mode of examination from time to time. However in addition to the following listed procedure, the candidate may be asked to appear for continuous assessments and in such a case it will be counted to the results of part I and part II examinations.

Method of Examination

First Examination (PART I)
The first examination will be held at the end of the first year. The First examination consists of two components.

  • Written Examination (Component 1)
  • Viva – voce/Practical Examination (Component 2)

Final Examination (PART II)
The final Examination will be held at the end of the 3rd year of the course.
This examination will consist of the following components.

  • Written Examination (Component 1)
  • Clinical/practical Examination (Component 2)
  • Thesis Examination (Component 3)
  • Viva-voce on the Thesis Examination (Component 4)

11. Foreign candidates
Applications for the course of M.D (Ay) shall be entertained from foreign students subjected to the terms and conditions of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo and University Grant Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.

12. Award of the degree
The Successful candidates be awarded the Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda [MD (Ayu)] with mentioning the specialty by the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Dr.H.A.S.Ariyawansa (PhD)
Additional Director (PG)
Tel: 0094112889739

Dr.Pathirage Kamal Perera (PhD)
Course coordinator – MD (Ayu)
Tel: 0094723333023

Postgraduate section
Institute of Indigenous Medicine
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka
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