Rules & Regulations

General Loan Rules

01 – Library members must produce his/her student identification card with library tickets when borrowing books.

02 – Borrowers are held responsible for all books taken to their tickets.

03 – Borrowers may not use the other member’s tickets.

04 – They must borrow books on behalf of other members.

05 – Borrowers must not remove books other than they have been duly issued to them. They must check to see that all library books have been properly issued to them before leaving the lending section.

06 – All books must be returned when recalled.

07 – Borrowers must report lost books to the circulation counter immediately. For overdue books fines will be calculated from the date of when the book is reported lost, or till the date the book is returned.

08 – Borrowers who lost books are liable to pay for the cost of the books, binding charges and 25% departmental charges.

09 – When you are borrowing books for photocopying, leave student identity card at the reference counter/main counter and it can be issued only three books.

10 – Books are deemed to be on loan until they are cancelled at the circulation counter. Borrowers must make sure that the due date is cancelled when returning books and receiving their tickets.


Theses are issued only for academic staff members and P G students who have to handover the identity cards an offer filling the form (not allow to photocopy)

Membership Tickets

01 – For over due books fines will be calculated till the date the book.

02 – Loss of a ticket/ tickets should be reported immediately to the librarian in writing. A duplicate/ duplicates will be issued after one month and a sum of Rs.100/- should the paid for per ticket.

03 – All the students should return library tickets at the end of each academic year.

04 – Postgraduate students have to return their library tickets before they face the final examination.

General Rules

01 – Silence should be observed in the library.

02 – The facilities in the library are for the use of registered members only.

03 – Cellular/Mobile phones should be switched off within the library premises.

04 – No Tabs, bags, cases, parcels, files, umbrellas, hat, and water bottles should be brought in to the library.

05 – Smoking, consumption of food and drinks and the use of matches or/and open flame are forbidden in all parts of the library open to readers.

06 – Bottles of ink or ink wells should not be brought in to the library.

07 – The library will not accept any correspondence or telephone calls on behalf of readers.

08 – Seats in the library may not be reserved by anyone.

09 – Readers are not allowed to do joint works in the library.

10 – Readers should not remove any books to the periodical section.

11 – Reader should not replace any book on the shelves, but should handover them to a member of the library staff or leave them on tables provided.

12 – In case of any book is not accessible on the shelves, the person at the circulation desk should be consulted.

13 – No book may be removed from the library unless it has been properly issued by a library staff member.

14 – Mutilation and theft of library materials are disciplinary offences for which the offender is liable to be punished.

15 – Fines and/or suspense of library privileges may be imposed for any breach of library rules.

16 – All books and papers taken to the library should be shown to the security guard at the library entrance.

17 – The borrower should produce the book borrowed from the library at the security desk and hand over the gate pass and the number given from the issuing counter to the security.

18 – Any member of the staff of the library empowers to examine any book that a student carries out of the library. The rules of the library make obligatory that the student complies promptly.

19 – Visitors to the library are required to obtain permission of the librarian to enter the library.

20 – Valuable articles or cash should not be kept in bags at the entrance of the library. The library staff will not hold themselves responsible for any losses.

21 – Readers must produce their university record book/identity card when borrowing books or any other time when called upon to do so.

22 – Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulation will make the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from using the library.


Issuing of Tickets to Readers

  Reference Lending
Undergraduates 01 03
Postgraduates 02 01
Academic Staff 03 02
Non Academic Staff 02
Internship 02