Certificate in Indigenous Medicine on Ilaaj Jasadee (جسدی علاج) (Physical Therapy)

Certificate in Indigenous Medicine on Ilaaj Jasadee (جسدی علاج) (Physical Therapy)

This programme includes mainly  areas: Module 1 Dalk and Module 2 Riyazat.

Target Group

Indigenous medical practitioners

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Ilaaj Jasadee
  • Introduction to physical therapy
  • Ethics in Clinical practice
  • Manipulative Procedures in various diseases
  • Dalk in various systemic disorders
  • Disability studies and rehabilitation
  • Applied Dalk and Riyazat in Amraz Niswaan va Qabalat
  • Ergonomics and Occupational Health
  • Bio-Mechanics and Human movements
  • Riyazat in various systemic disorders
  • Applied Exercise Science
  • Physical therapy related to Non-communicable diseases
  • Ilaaj Jasadee for Non- communicable diseases
  • Rehabilitation in Mashaa’ikh/ Physical Activities in Geriatrics
  • Riyazat in healthy individual
  • Ilaaj Jasadee in Kasr



  • To enhance qualified human resources in Ilaaj Jasadee and to improve rehabilitation services in government and private sectors.
  • To prepare competent indigenous medical practitioners, capable of providing excellent clinical services especially in physical exercise and massage.


Applicant should produce a duly completed application along with the receipt of application processing fee Rs. 1000.00 obtained from the Deputy Registrar of Institute of Indigenous Medicine

Course fee

15,000.00 SLR

Number of students: Maximum Number of students is 10 for a batch. Students are selected as first come first serve basis.

Duration of Programme

3 months as a weekend course (Saturdays & Sundays)

Application closing date  : 15 October 2018

Date of commencement  : 20th October 2018


Dr AWS Fowziya, Senior Lecturer, Department of Moalejat

Dr AHA Fazeenah, Senior Lecturer, Head/ Department of Ilmul Jarahat.

Contact No: 0755826238; 0714481148