IIM Domain Email Accounts Registration Application

Following batches are eligible to register for this facility ..
Please provide following details to register to get iim domain accounts for students .
After you registered with this , we will send your login credential to your personal email address. If you have any clarification please email :webadmin@iim.cmb.ac.lk
Conditions *
According to Acceptable User Policy of IIM , followings are the violations of IIM policy .
01 .Use a password of another user (with or without their knowledge)
02.Sharing a password of another user with other person (Internal or external to the IIM)
03.Use network resources with false identity
04.Use or attempt obtain information or resources that the user does not have clear authorization from the IIM
05.Obtaining, possessing, using, or attempting to use passwords or other information about someone else’s account
06. Inspecting, copying data, modifying, distributing or mail, messages, installing occrunning softwares without proper authorization, or attempting to do so
07.Accessing files by circumventing privacy or security restrictions.
* if user violates these conditions , web admin of the IIM can be able to disable user email account.
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