ASN13 - Diwakara DMSP : An Ethno Medicinal Survey on Rakta Pradara W.S.R. Grace of Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine

ASN21- Jayamaha JMDRC : Review on Stabdhata W. S. R. to Vata Roga

ASN30- Jayasuriya HGSV :Pharmacodynamical Analysis of the Gopalu Guliya with Special Anupana for Evaluate Effect in the Management of Amla Pitta

ASN47- Liyanage IA : A Preliminary Study on Sharavidhi

ASN57 - Amarawardana VIU : Varnaka Ghrita for Glowing Skin

ASN63- Wipulasiri APM : Literary Study on Mukha Roga and Etiological Factors Mentioned in Main Ayurveda Texts

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ASN71- Naleefa MNF: A Review on Management and Treatment Line for Fracture Healing in Traditional System of Medicine in Sri Lanka

ASN91- Shalini S: Determine Scientific Validity of a Traditional Herbal Formulation Used for GIT Disorders: A Review

ASN104- Dilmika KHS: Survey on Traditional Recipes for “Aluhan” and Standardization of “Aluhan Thaila”

ASN107- Mansha MII :Classification of Krimi in Vrihathrayie and their Modern Medical Comparison

ASN118- Dissanayaka JC -Application of Kāla Dravya in Ayurvedic and Traditional Medicine

ASN230- Keerthisinghe SMMD : Ajita Agada for Poisoning Conditions

ASN138- Kaushalya HBD: Literary Study on Panchakarma Procedures in Pediatrics, Mentioned in Ayurveda Authentic Texts

ASN140- Jayasinghe WS :Role of Inkibab on Nazla Va Zukam - A Review

ASN144- Aayisha N : Literature Review on Unani Herb Ghikwar Pulp in Common Uses of Jild Conditions

ASN148: Nusra IT : Literature Review on Therapeutic Effect of Anjeer (Ficus carica) in the View of Holy Quran and Prophetic Medicine

ASN149-Zahra MSF : Critical Analysis of Adharaniya Vegadharana – A Review

ASN151- Isma Aeisha K : Evaluate the Efficacy of Ferula asafoetida Resin on Pain of Karppa Vayu (Primary Dysmenorrhea)

ASN164- Jayawardena KAUG : Novel Product and Process Development of Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine: Navarathna Syrup

ASN173- Sakkika MJF :Study on Different Indications of Roghan E Khas among Herbal Practitioners in Western Province

ASN183 - Dushmantha WKT : A Critical Review on the Pharmacodynamics Properties of Talisadi Churna and Reformation into Lozenge Form

ASN229- Jansz KM : A Critical Review of Jeevaniya Dashakaya on Rasayana Action and its Pharmacodynamic Properties

ASN243- Weerawarna BH : A Comparative Study on Gum Exudate of Commipora mukul (Guggul) Containing Triphala Decoction and Gum Exudate of Azadyrachta indica (Neem Gum) Containing Triphala Decoction

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ASN1- Jayatissa RPGR : Traditional and Modern Collecting Methods of Raw Material in Herbal Drug Utilization: A Review

ASN193- Ishara MDP : A Review on, ‘Disha” as a Dravya Applied in Ayurveda

ASN8- Nifras MMM: Immunomodulatory Drugs of Unani System of Medicine

ASN9- Sapra MSF : A Review on Antioxidants Property of Psidium guajava Leaves

ASN10 - Diddeniya JID: Therapeutic Properties of “Madhu” (Bee’s Honey)

ASN23 -Gamage VV: Total Phenolics, Flavonoids and Antioxidant Activity of Dhathri Rasayana

ASN 29 - Sahabandu IMWG : The Study on the Current Demand of Ayurvedic Herbal Tablets among the Patients Admitted in the Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital

ASN33 - Perera KPDC : Fatty Liver - An Ayurvedic Approach

ASN34 - Fernando GOS : The Effect of Jalaukavacharana (Leech Application) in the Management of Herpes Zoster – Shingles: A Case Study

ASN43 - Dharmarathna AB : Study the Relationship between Prakrithi (Body Constitution) and Mental State

ASN46 - Jayasuriya JADNHD : Literature Study on Traditional Formulae for Sanni in Vatika Prakarana WSR to Pakshaghata

ASN48 -Jayakody MIJ :Duration of Upanaha Sweda in Practice: A Survey

ASN54 - Deepthika SHK: Effect of Mucuna Pruriens on Sperm Parameters – A Systematic Review

ASN74 - Rajapaksha RAJW - A Literary Review on Unconventional Traditional Medicinal Preparations in Sri Lanka

ASN77 -Senarathne TCJ: Clinical Management of Unstable Angina According to Ayurveda Approach - A Case Study

ASN90 - Senarathne URSRK : Comparative Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Ayurveda Vs Sri Lankan Traditional Method of Kwatha Decoction

ASN93- Madhumalika LPC : Comparative Study of Clinical Manifestation of Purame with Disorders of Kidney and Urinary System

ASN94- Silva PASN : Turmeric: Wonder Spice for Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications

ASN112- Paranagama AMM : Literature Review of Thandava Roga

ASN115- Sasrika RMD : Effectiveness of Saptamrita Lauha in the Management of Timira (Ametropia) - A Review

ASN133- Suraweera YDSS: Traditional Use of Sulupasmul Decoction: A Review

ASN143 - Shehani Omella ALLES : Survey Study on Attitude and Knowledge of Mothers of Their Preschool Children’s Nutrition at 117a Meepawala Grama Niladari Division of Bope-Poddala Divisional Secretariat

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ASN146 - De Silva RHSK : Knowledge and Practices on Sandiroga Treatment Methods among the Sri Lankan Traditional Medical Practitioners in Three Selected Provinces of Sri Lanka

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ASN156- Nilmini RRPS : Effect of Indigenous Topical Application in the Management of Palithya (Greying Hair)

ASN163- Harshani RMT : Analysis of Relevance of Aushadasevanakala in Treatment

ASN194- Ishara MDP: Role of Vyadhikshamathva on Emerging Infectious Diseases; A Review

ASN25-Jesintha J : Intern Medical Officers’ Research Projects at BMARI: Data Base Creation and Desk Review in the Period of January to March 2020

ASN191- De Silva VMC : A Review on Ingredients and Therapeutic Usage of Modaka Preparations to Prevent the Misuse as a Narcotic Preparation

ASN175- Fernando WKBDS : Prevalence of Amlapitta in National Ayurveda Teaching Hospital- A Descriptive Study

ASN15 - Nishan SPAS : A Comprehensive Review on Preventive Measures of Communicable Diseases in Ayurveda

ASN201 - Geethapriya RHSM : Antibacterial Activity of Pinda Thaila Against the Laboratory Specimen of Staphylococcus Aureus

ASN200 - Diloopa NVY : An Ayurveda Perspective on the Jvara Roga

ASN197 - Hettigoda UP : A Study on Balaka Raksha Karma among Sri Lankan People

ASN5 - Pradeep HLNR : Review of Kothalahimbutu (Salasia reticulata Wight)

ASN227 - Jayasinghe PKIDE : Clinical Evaluation of Sarvavishadhi - Oil on Psoriasis and Eczema

ASN222 - Sripandurangana R : Literature Review on Medicines for Vata Diseases in Authentic Siddha Text Book of “Pararajasekaram”

ASN215 - Panambara PAHR : Comparative Study on the Antibacterial Activity of Four Medicinal Plants Leaves

ASN128 - Nanayakkara TNWMS : An Observational Study on Efficacy of the Traditional Pothu Mallum in the Management of Metacarpal Bone Fractures and Sprain on Sternoclavicular Joint

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ASN 108- Abirame S : Review Therapeutic Effect of Kilinjal Mezhugu on Pittha Vedippu (Fissures Heel) – Scientific Approach

ASN228 - Jayasinghe PKIDE : Screening for Antimicrobial Activity of Acronychia pedunculata (Ankenda) and Adenanthera pavonina (Madatiya)

ASN203 - Geethapriya RHSM : Effect of Indigenous and Ayurveda Treatment Modalities in the Management of Burns (Dagdha): A Case Study