ERCIIM Registry

Institute of Indigenous  Medicine, University of Colombo
Approved – Ethical Clearance Registry
Registation Number Name of Applicant Topic Approval Date
ERC/12/01 Dr.A.P.A.Jayasiri A study of Taxonomy and pharmacognostic Properties of Albizzia lebbeck and substitute plants in Sri lanka 10/12/2012
ERC/12/02 Dr.M.I.Manuha A Comparative Study on femal obesity (Sumnah an Niswan) using selected Traditional food with additives and selected Exercises with special reference to Unani food guide line 10/12/2012
ERC/12/03 Dr.D.P.P.S.De Silva A Comparative clinical    study of Shiroabhyanga and shirodhara in the management of Pakshaghata(Hemiplegia) 10/12/2012
ERC/12/04 Dr.P.R.Dharmarathna comparative  study of the  efficacy of selected Ropana Putapaka and Akshitarpana therapy in Timira (Refractive Errors) 10/12/2012
ERC/12/05 Dr.H.A.S.Ariyawansa The effect of a herbal formulation (Gluconorm) on blood glucose control in patients with type 02 diabetes. 5/7/2013
ERC/12/06 Dr.H.G.S.P.Heewageegana A Study of skin disease ksudra  Kusta depicted in sanskrit Original sources with special reference to Vipadika 30/04/2013
ERC/12/07 Dr.K.R.Weerasekara A Critical  study on Prameha (Urine abnormalities ) with special  reference to Albumin Urea and its management with Chandraprabha Vati                                                         2.A critical study on polyuria (Prameha) with special attention to kapaja polyuria (Kapaja Prameha) 30/04/2013
ERC/12/08 Dr.Y.S.G.Wimalasiri Prevalence  of food Hypersensitivity in Sri lanka and  assessment efficacy of the selected Ayurvedic remedies for food sensitized individuals 10/12/2013
ERC/12/09 Dr .S.D.Hapuarachchi Comparision of hypolycaemic ,hepatoprotective and anti- inflammatory activities of natural plants and callus cultures of Munronia pinnata. 25/03/2014
ERC/12/10 Dr.V.Ananthajothy Therapeutic practice of manthra kaasam by indigenous medical practitoners and the efficacy of selected medicines. 25/03/2014
ERC/12/11 Dr.W.A.S.S.Weerakoon Therapeutic efficacy of and bioactivity mechanisms of Sudarshana Syryp 10.01.2014
ERC/12/12 Dr.W.N.M .Wijeshinghe Efficacy of Ayurveda herbel formulation on Dushta Vrana (Non  Healing wound with special reference to Diabetic ulcers) 26/6/2014
ERC/12/13 Dr.D.P.A.Dissanayaka Efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment regimens in managing Sravi Arshas (Bleeding Piles) 29/05/2014
ERC/12/15 Dr.M.A.A.Sirajudeen A comparative clinical study of the unani compound medical preparation for antilipidaemic activity with special reference to the modern Antilipidaemic/Dylsipidaemic drug  Atorvastatin. 24/04/2014
ERC/14/17 Dr.L.D.R.De Silva A clinical study of Haridradi aschyotana (Eye Drop ) in the management of Abhishyanda with special reference to Bacterial  conjunctvitis. 21/08/2014
ERC/14/18 Dr.L.S.P.Kumaradarmasena A clinical effectiveness  of Patoladi  lepa pratisarana and musthadi Taila gandusha in the management of krimi dantha (Dental Caries) 21/08/2014
ERC/14/19 Dr H.K.B.M.S.Karunarathne Musta powder and practice of yoga in the management of Hyperlipidemiya (Medoroga) 21/08/2014
ERC/14/20 Dr.A.Devanarayana A comparative clinical evaluation of Vasaguduchyadi decoction and aniththadi lepa with and without virechana karma with weliwenna in the management of Kitibha (Psoriasis) 21/08/2014
ERC/14/21 Dr.A.S.Nishsanka Comparative clinical study on  Bala koranda taila matra vasthi and eranda saptaka kashaya in the management of gridrasi. 25/09/2014
ERC/14/22 Dr.W.K.B.D.S.Fernando Prevalence study on Amlapitta    (Gastritis )and efficacy of shatavari ghrita in the treatment of Amlapitta 25/09/2014
ERC/14/23 Dr.S.R.Ariyarathne  A  clinical evaluation of Unmada gajakesari Rasa in the management of kaphaja unmada with special reference to major depressive disorder. 25/09/2014
ERC/14/24 Dr.R.L.D.S. Ranasingha A Comparative evaluation of dhanyamal vasti and kayaseka in the management of Amavatha wsr to rheumatoid arthritis. 25/09/2014
ERC/14/25 Dr.K.D.W.De Silva  Comparative clinical eavluation of sihin midi ((Premna Integrifolia Linn) Decoction  and Guggulu capsule in athisthaulya (obesity) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/26 Dr.S.M.N.J.Slohokara A comparative study of the efficacy Arka (Calotropis gigantea ) and Apamarga (Achyranthus aspera) pratisaraneeya ksharas in the management of pittaja and kapajab Arsas. 25/09/2014
ERC/14/27 Dr.W.M.K.N.A.Wijesundara Comparative evaluation of shathavayaryadi Choornaya (Traditional formulae )and Ashwaganda choornaya & sathvavaja chikithsa counselling) in the management of dhvaja bhanga. 25/09/2014
ERC/14/28 Dr.H.D.P.Gunathilaka clinical evaluation of sheeta kashaya of hibiscus furcatus with and without vamana karma with lindernia pusilla in the cases of prameha/madhumeha(type 02 diabetes mellitus ) 03 25/09/2014
ERC/14/29 Dr.J.M.G.S.L.Jayashingha A comparative  clinical evaluation of Dasanga Guggulu and Tripala Churna on the management of Med Roga w.s.r to hyperlipidemiya 25/09/2014
ERC/14/30 Dr.H.R.D.Fonseka Effects  of heenmadurutala (Ocimum Sanctum) and yogic praetices in the management of madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/31 Dr.D.P.P.S.De Silva Clinical evaluation of Shirodhara and matra vasthi with baladi yoga on motor deficit and fatigue after stroke. (Pakshaghata) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/32 Dr.T.A.S.C.Jayathilaka Comparative study of the effects of Jalaukavacharana(Leeh application ) & Manjistadi Lepa in the management of Vyanga (Melasma) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/33 Dr.K.M.N.P.Kumarapeli A randomized open labeled comparative trial to evaluate  efficacy of satapushpa shathavari churna with satapushpaarita  shathavari gritamatra vasthi for the management of artavakshaya due to polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/34 Dr.V.P.S.Senavirathna Effects of Gotukola (Centella asiatica Linn )caplet with cow’s milk in memory increasing  abilities (Medaya Rasayana) in adults 25/09/2014
ERC/14/35 Dr.H.A.R.P.Perera A randomized Single blind comparative trial to evaluate efficacy of whole plant of phyllanthus niruri linn crude powder with Ayurveda crude powdered drug pushyanuga churna for the management of rakthapadara  due to dysfunctional uterine bleeding(DUB) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/36 D.T.D.C.L.Samaranayaka Clinical Evaluation of Yogavasthi Pinda Sweda and kashaya of Heeressa (Cissus quadragularis Linn) in Saddhigatavata(Osteoarthritis) 25/09/2014
ERC/14/37 Dr.Arunthavarani Krisnanathan The efficacy of Nasya Chikitchai (Nirundi Tailum) on Peenisa Rogam 30/10/2014
ERC/15/42 Dr.T.D.N.Karunarathne A Critical review of Manasa Roga in Ayurveda Sanskrit texts and anobservational study of Sarasvatha Choorna in the managemant of Dementia(Smritibramsha) 3/11/2015
ERC/15/43 Dr.B.L.Edirisingha Study on knowledge ,attitude and practice about healthy eating habits among school teachers in Nugegoda educational division. 25/06/2015
ERC/15/44 Dr.K.M.S.P.Perera A Comparative clinical study on effect of “Nawaratne Kalka” with difference Anupanas on serum creatinine levels and GFR in CKD Patients. 12/8/2016
ERC/15/45 Dr.U.D.S.Sewwandi Anti hyperlipidemic effect of Dassanga Guggulu tablet for the  Management of Medovriddhi (Hyperlipidemiya) 12/8/2016
ERC/15/47 Dr.S.P.Uduwanage Open Label Clinical trial for evaluating the effectiveness of an Ayurvedic  formulation  Lunuwila anti-acne cream 16/03/2016
ERC/15/48 Dr.M.S.S.Fawmiya Evaluation of the therapeutic and nutritional potential of dry   leaves of moringa olefera with special reference to its usage in the management of premenstrusal syndrome and  urban sample population. 15/05/2016
ERC/15/49 Dr.W.G.D.Nilmini An Influence of Various Etiological Factors on Autistic Disorders (Autism ) – A Survey 25/08/2016
ERC/15/50 Dr.E.J.P.N.U.Sadamali  Assessment of mental health  literacy   in the field of Ayurveda 9/8/2016
ERC/16/51 Dr.M.A.C.P.Nilupha Survey of home remedies in practice among senior citizensfor worm infestations. 12/8/2016
ERC/16/52 Dr.U.A.R.P.Kumara A study on relationship between Deha Prakrithi & obesity among abese patients attending  to national Ayurveda teaching hospital. 25/08/2016
ERC/16/53 Dr.P.D.Senarathna Study on the impact of etiological factors on Amavatha patients attending to Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital. 25/08/2016
ERC/16/54 Dr.M.I.L.S.D.Kithsiri Descriptive study on the relationship between Leucorrhoea (Swetapradara) and Body Mass Index (BMI) in patients attending to Ayurveda Gynecology Clinics. 25/08/2016
ERC/16/56 Dr.W.A.Senanayaka A survey on etiological and risk factors on pakshagatha patients seeking   Ayurvedic treatments. 29/09/2016
ERC/16/57 Dr.H.H.Shiromi Study on main causative factors and dehaprakuriti on kaphaja shiran shoola an  ayurvedic perspective 29/09/2016
ERC/16/58 Dr.K.M.D.Perera Relationship between dehaprakurthi  karnaroga    patients   visit to selected ayurvedic hospital in  Colombo  district . 29/9/2016
ERC/16/59 Dr.M.J.F.Rizana Survey stydy on daf-e zaibatus(anti diabetic) herbs commonly used by diabetic patients attending to Ayurvedic Institution 29/9/2016
ERC/16/61 Dr.M.S.Pallie Evaluation of the effectiveness of Tragia involucrata on patients with type II diabetes mellitus 29/9/2016
ERC/16/62 Dr.S.M.Mujahid Survey to scrutinize anti- diabetic activites of the green leaves vegetables commonly used in Naula division of the Matele district . 29/11/2016
ERC/16/63 Dr.P.K.Perera Open label clinical trial for evaluating the effectiveness of an  herbal cough syrup Healing Herbs. 29/11/2016
ERC/16/65 Dr.W.M.D. Kumarasingha A Profile of patients with chronic kidney disease treated with traditional ayurveda treatments. 7/3/2017
ERC/16/66 Dr.P.K.Perera Investigation of hypoglycemic effect of aqueous leaf extract of passiflora subreosa healthy Volunteers. 7/3/2017
ERC/17/67 Dr.M.W.S.J.Kumari Prospective Controlled Randomized Clinical trial of the effect of Trphaladi Kvathain the Managament of type II Diabetic Mellitus. 6/6/2017
ERC/17/68 Dr.K.P.K.R.Karunagoda Randomized, Single blind, clinical trial to compare the efficacy of selected  two Ayurveda drugs regimens on the treatments of uterine fibroids. 3/8/2017
ERC 17/72 Dr (Ms).Vijitha.Paheetahan Standardization of KalinkathThilum and evaluation of its efficacy on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 16/2/2018