In the context of the current security situation in the country, to maximize the personal safety of students and staff and for protection of property, following instructions and directives are given.
  1. Academic activities including examinations have been postponed without any day being fixed. Accordingly, the Institute premises and hostels are out of bound for all students.
  2. All persons (academic, non-academic staff, students and visitors) are allowed to enter the Institute premises only after verification of their identity, reason for the visit, physical body check and checking of all bags, baggage and back – packs or any other belongings.
  3. All types of vehicles including cycles, motorbikes, scooters and three-wheelers entering the premises must undergo a complete security check before entering institute and hostel premises.
  4. Staff and Students are advised to display vehicle pass on their personal vehicles.
  5. No person is allowed to enter or stay within the institute and hostel premises with a face cover.
  6. Excluding the face cover, rest of the dress code that includes the head, ear and neck cover must be considered as personal decision of the person concerned.
  7. Students must have the student identity card in their possession, when they are in the Institute, and hostels.
  8. Only registered students and persons authorized by the institute are allowed into or stay in the hostels.
  9. No visitors of students or any other persons are allowed to visit hostels.
  10. Bags/ back packs are strictly prohibited in lecture halls, examination halls, laboratories and the library.
  11. Students are strongly advised to minimize bringing bags / backpacks to canteens.
  12. Students are not allowed to be at the institute other than the period between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. without obtaining prior permission from the authorities.
  13. A Disaster Management System must be established and precise instructions and contact numbers must be clearly displayed for anyone to follow during an unexpected event.
  14. Steps must be undertaken to fill all available vacancies for security personnel in the Institute.
  15. It is advised to decrease every programme where students are gathered in the premises and out of the Institute.
  16. In an emergency it is advised to inform suitable authorities by noticed hotline numbers.



Emergency Service’s Telephone Numbers

  Telephone Numbers
Police Emergency Hotline 118 / 119
Ambulance / Fire & Rescue 110
Accident Service-General Hospital-Colombo 011-2691111
Police Emergency 011-2433333
Government Information Center 1919
Report Crimes 011-2691500
Emergency Police Mobile Squad 011-5717171
Fire & Ambulance Service 011-2422222
Police Headquarters 011 -2421111
Bomb Disposal 011-2433335
Bomb Disposal Unit Army Head Quarters 011-2434251/011-4055105


Electricity Break Down 011-2466660/011- 4617575
Internal contact numbers
Student Counselors
Dr. SP Molligoda 071-4440327
Dr.BM Najeeb 071-8152485
Dr. SKMK Harapathdeniya 071-4447641
Dr.AHM Mawjood 071-4422394
Dr.APA Jayasiri 077-1605929
Dr.LDR De Silva 071-2964185
Dr.AM Muthalib 071-8375232
Dr.MHM Nazeem 071-4447603
Dr. KIWK Somarathna 071-8616881
Dr. MAA Sirajudeen 071-4422373
Registrar       071-4467014
Internal Private Security Service
Security Office 011-2694308 /237
Chief security officer- Mr. Samaranayake 077-0360982
Security OIC – Mr. Uditha 078-6349164