Welcome to Director's Office

Director’s office is where the Director functions as the Principal Executive Officer as well as the Principal Academic Officer in the Institute.  She takes care of both academic and non-academic activities for the smooth functioning of the Institute.

Functions done by the Director’s Office:

  • On the instructions of the Director, meetings are summoned for both Academic, Non-Academic, Administrative and students
  • Attend to the matters related to in and out letters received from every Sections / departments and also for outside letters
  • Preparation of schedule of meetings for the year and distribute them to all sections and departments of the institute
  • Conduct Administrative and Heads meetings
  • Attend to each and every issues/ complains forwarded to the Director

Contact details


Director’s Office
Institute of Indigenous Medicine,
University of Colombo,
Sri Lanka.


Director-0112861399 (Office)
0718025812 (Mobile)
0112694308 0112692385 Extension 101
Director’s Office -0112861399
0112692385 Extension 102



Members of the Director’s Office

Senior Prof. (Mrs.) Priyani A. Paranagama

Senior Staff Management Assistant
Mrs. K.L.W. Yamuna Malkanthi

Management Assistant Gr. III
Ms. P.W.W.M.H.P.A.R.M. Madurawe

Works Aide (Special Grade)
Mr. S.K.J.J. Sooriyaarachchi