Department of Swasthavritta

Department of Swasthavritta

Ayurveda, the science of life, which has the primary aim as to preserve the health of healthy individual laid down all the preventive principles which are necessary in maintenance of health under the subject of  Swasthavritta, which is known as Preventive and Social Medicine or Community Medicine.


The goals of the department of Swasthavritta are to gain knowledge on promotion of positive health and prevention of diseases and to promote the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.

The subjects of Research Methodology and Bio Statistics, Swasthavritta (Community Medicine), Yoga and meditation, Ayurveda Roopalavanya Sanrakshana (Ayurveda Beauty Care) and Forensic Medicine are conducted under the Department of Swasthavritta. The subject of Research Methodology and Bio Statistics is conducting for level II BAMS students and Swasthavritta is for level III students. The subject of Forensic Medicine is conducting for level IV BAMS students and Yoga and meditation and Ayurveda Roopalavanya (Ayurveda Beauty Care) are the optional subjects conducting for level IV BAMS students.

For the practical component for the subject of Swasthavritta covers clinical training in OPD at Ayurveda Teaching Hospital Borella. It covers the application of assessment of positive health.

For Educational Field tours are included in the Swasthavritta; Water purification centers, Slaughter House, Port Health Authority and  Field surveys included the syllabus.

Providing facilities to health sector by community based awareness programmes and health camps organized by the department.

Yoga is a popular subject in order to maintain positive health. Department of Swasthavritta is conducting basic postures in Yoga in relation to Yoga practical.


Ayurveda Roopalavanya (Ayurveda Beauty Care)   covers the special remedies and application for  skin, hair, face, hand and foot care

Yoga center and SPA center of IIM are also maintaining under the Department of  Swasthavritta.



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