Department of Swasthavritta

Department of Swasthavritta

“Yogadapi visham thikshanamuttamam – bheshajam bhawet

Bheshajam chapi duryuktam tikshanam – sampadyate visham.” – (CS/su/1/126)

Even an acute poison can become an excellent drug if it is properly administered. On the other hand even a valuable drug, if not administered properly become an acute poison.

The Division of Swasttavritta  Agada deals with the subjects of Swasttavritta (Preventive Medicine), Agada (Toxicology), Community Medicine, and Forensic Medicine for 3rdyear , 4th year BAMS students and for postgraduate students.

Aims and Objectives are to  gain knowledge in scientific factors that help to build up physically, mentally ,socially and spiritually well being person and to impart knowledge on poisons substances and their management and to produce more competence BAMS graduates who are able to provide primary, secondary and tertiary medical services to the community and to provide a wide knowledge of legal aspect of medicine.

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