Career Guidance Unit – Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo


Empowering and organizing undergraduates and graduates to achieve success in real life challenges



To become a center for excellence with education and empowering undergraduates and graduates in the career development process by facilitating avenues for professional learning and training programme.

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo was established in 26th March 2011, according to the UGC circular NO. 819 issued on 06th February 2003 establishment and operation of Career Guidance units in Universities.


Career Services

CGU-IIM is a comprehensive career counseling and recourse center designed to engage student active participants in their real life career development process. The main purpose of career services is to help student’s community for academic and career success for betterment of their life. We are offering wide range of career services as follows.

                 01.Facilitating the transition from school to University
                02.Counseling and advice on careers
                03. Employability skills enhancement
                04.Career related information provisions
                05.Networking with industry
                06.Availing work experience
                07.Graduate placement
                08.Integration within curricula
                        I.Language skill development programmes
                       II.Health tourism 
               09.Entrepreneurial skills development
                    I.Business incubation programmes
              10.Training, research, innovation  and development
Our Team
Dr. P.K. Perera (Coordinator)   Dr. R.H.S.K. de Silva (Secretary)    Dr. S.D. Hapuarachchi   Dr. W. A. S. S. Weerakoon   Dr. L.D.R. De Silva   Dr. O. T. M. R. K. S. B. Kalawana   Dr. Dr. M.H.M. Hafeel   Dr. M.N.F. Rizniya  


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