About Us

The academic unit t of Shalya Shalakya provides teaching and training in Shalya and Shalakya for undergraduates and post graduates along with its clinical services to a large segment of the population. Shalya Thantra is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which makes a sustained contribution in the fields of ano-rectal diseases wound management, urinary disorders and fracture healing where ancient clinical and surgical procedures are practiced. Shalya Thantra explicit many surgeries which are more advanced than that of the present era. Shalakya Thantra is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the diseases above the clavicle viz. head and neck portions of the body. Shalakya Thantra focus on  Netra Chikitsa (Ophthalmology), Karna Chikitsa (Otology), Nasa Chikitsa (Rhino logy), Mukha roga Chikitsa (Oral medicine and Dentistry) and Shiro roga Chikitsa (diseases of the cranium) with special treatment procedures which effectively manage eye, ear, nose, head and throat diseases. However, the accurate and timely diagnosis of disease continues to be an important aspect as well as the patient safety has become an essential component in quality healthcare.  In depth learning and training in Shalya and Shalakya fulfill the current national requirements in the field of Ayurveda addressing the global trends.

Aims and objectives of the academic unit of Shalya Shalakya:

  • To disclose a profound knowledge of Shalya and Shalakya supplemented with knowledge of modern advances to be efficient physicians, surgeons, and researchers fully competent to serve the National health care services.
  • To enable undergraduate and post graduate students to identify and manage surgical problems, eye, ear nose, head and oral diseases through Medicinal, Surgical, and Para-surgical treatment modalities.
  • To build a Professional with commitment, is ethical and understands legal responsibilities accountable to patients, community, and profession.

Dr. D. A. R. Sakunthala

Senior Lecturer Grade I

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MS Ay, (BHU- India)

Dr. D. P. A. Dissanayaka

Senior Lecturer Grade II

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo) , MPhil Ayu (Colombo)

Dr. L.D.R. De Silva

Senior Lecturer II- (Head)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MD Ayu (Colombo)


Dr. B. M. S. Amarajeewa

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MS Ay (BHU- India)


Dr.  R.L.Y.U. Rathnayake

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MS Ayu

Dr. K.K.V.S. Peshala

Lecturer (Unconfirmed)

BAMS (Hons) (Colombo), MS Ay , PhD (BHU-India)

Dr. B.S.M.M. Sooriyarachchi


BAMS (Hons) (Colombo)



Management Assistant



Technical Officer