Sports Committee


  1. Identification, improvement and enhancement of sports skills among students
  2. Working in colloboration with foreign/other local universities and institutes in sports affairs
  3. Organization of sports camps, sports events and invited lectures on sport related matters

Arts Committee


  1. Identification, Improvement and development on the skills and activities among university students on matters related to cultural, literary and aesthetics
  2. Publishing of periodical journals
  3. Working in colloboration with foreign/other local universities  and institutes in cultural affairs
  4. Collaboratively work for the upliftment of cultural values

Committee for Promulgation of Ayurveda


  1. Organizing of  lectures, conferences and workshops
  2. Academic research organization and publication
  3. Research guidance
  4. Organizing medical health camps, exhibitions, lectures, seminars
  5. Plantation and Conservation of medicinal plants
  6. Colloboration with Traditional Ayurvedic practitioners and associations

Unani Medical Students Association


  1. Development and propagation of Unani Medicine
  2. Arrange programs to identify the skills of students
  3. Arranging field visits (educational)

Student Companies in the Institute of Indigenous Medicine

(HETC: Entrepreneurship Programme)

  1. Sudhāki Herbal Products(Read more…)
  2. Ayu Lanka Products(Read more…)
  3. Sukāyā Health and Beauty Care(Read more…)