Kaya Chikitsa

Introduction – Kaya Chikithsa

“Chaturnam bhishaghaddinam shasthadinam dhatu vaikrute

Pravrittir dhatu samyarte chikitsetityabhideeyate” – (Ch/Su/9/5)

Employment of all the excellent for (physician, drugs, attendant, patient) in case of disorder of dhatus with the object of (reestablishing) their equilibrium is said as therapeutics


To provide quality Ayurvedic education in cooperate with modern scientific knowledge and to produce competent Ayurvedic graduates in therapeutic knowledge and skills.

To provide quality post graduate education in Ayurveda Kaya Chikitsa (diagnosis and treatment) to meet the need of country from highly qualified Ayurvedic medical experts, researchers and teachers in Kaya Chikitsa.

To provide high quality healh care service nationally and internationally.

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