Moulika Siddantha

Introduction – Moulika Siddhantha

The clod of  earth, the wheel, the thread, etc, are of no use (in the making of a pitcher) without the help of the potter,so without the physicians, other three factors, (viz,a patient, the attendant and the medicine) do not serve the purpose.

The Institute of Indigenous Medicine started functionally by establishing the department of basic principles. The main function of this department is conducting four main basic subjects of Ayurveda for the first year undergraduate students. The first aim of this is to impart knowledge to the students regarding Ayurveda padartha vignana, Sanskrit language, basic principles of Ayurveda (Dosha, Dhatu Mala vignana) and history of Ayurveda. In the recent past this department has started a postgraduate diploma and master of philosophy degrees in Ayurveda. Through this knowledge, attitudes and skills of the student are to produce developed qualified, good physicians to the world.

Knowledge of the science of medicine is linked to the light for the purpose of illumination; one’s own mental faculty to the eye (for the purpose of seeing things) A physician endowed with both of them, that is scriptural knowledge and his own intelligence does not consist mistakes during the course of his treatment of a patient. As the remaining    three factors of treatment depend on the quality of the physician, a physician should always try to enrich his own qualities.

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