Director’s Message

I warmly welcome all the viewers who wish to share information of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine University of Colombo Sri Lanka. Established in 1929 as the College of Indigenous Medicine, it was affiliated to the University in 1977 for the human resource development in Ayurveda, Unani and traditional system of Medicine in Sri Lanka. Since then it has gradually developed its physical, academic and human resources to be on par or above with institutions of similar status within the university system and achieved international recognition.

Teaching, learning and research in indigenous knowledge in Sri Lanka is quite different from the western methodologies of the similar disciplines. Information was passed from generation to generation without any advanced technological support but on the methods adopted by themselves by their own customs and traditions. The guardians of this noble medical discipline have been able to protect and promote this knowledge up to the present position with much effort.  They have gone through beginnig many ages for the era of stone manuscripts, then to the era of Ola Leaf manuscripts and finally on to the present electronic media.

With the global expansion of modern advanced technologies, the exchange of information has become so simple and fast. It is a well established fact that the knowledge interaction with others has tremendous benefits and advantages for all those involved. Irrespective of the setbacks which are common to most of our higher educational institutions, we have been able to produce a large number of competent personnel as practitioners and researchers in the fields of Ayurveda and Unani medical systems in Sri Lanka.

In order to sustain what we have already accomplished and to attain a more qualitative development, it is essential to have proper understanding among all our stakeholders. Preparation, upgrading and the updating  web site therefore has been one of our priorities over the last months. The earlier efforts in this regard could not be realized due to diverse reasons. The staff of the Institute, both academic and administrative, collectively worked towards bringing out a successful product and this website is its final result. I owe my sincere thanks to all those who gave their valuable time and energy in various ways to make this project a success.

I too solicit the cooperation and guidance of the University of Colombo, the members of the Board of management, academic and administrative staff and the student community of the institute in the implementation of academic and administrative programs as scheduled over the next coming years. It is my earnest belief that the successful usage of this website would be a great leap forward resulting in creating a centre of excellence for the training of competent medical personnel in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine in Sri Lanka.

Dr. SD Hapuarachchi


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