Dravya Guna Vignana

Introduction – Dravya Guna Vignana

” Shadngam dravyagunam thadyatha namarupa gnanam, guna gnanam, karma gnanam, prayoga gnanam, yoga gnanam, kalpa gnanam cchathi ” – (P,V,Sharma, Dravyaguna suthram, 1994)

Dravya Guna itself has six divisions; Namarupa gnanam ( Pharmacognosy), Guna gnanam (Study of Properties), Karma gnanam (Pharmacology ) , Prayoga gnanm (Clinical Pharmacology) , Yoga gnanam (Study of formulation), Kalpa gnanam (Pharmaceutics) The Division of Dravya Guna Vignanaya is engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and conducting practical training in three subjects viz Dravya Guna Vignanaya, Bhaisajjya Kalpana and Rasa Sastra. Aims and objectives of the division are to gain the knowledge of the identification, classification and therapeutic actions medicinal plants, alchemy and minerals used in the Ayurvedic and Traditional medical systems, to impart the knowledge of comprehending the collection, preservation, storage, preparation and administration of herbal and herb-mineral medicinal preparations used in the ayurvedic and traditional medical systems and to train the undergraduate and postgraduate in the more demanding areas in the field of ayurvedic and traditional medical system.

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